Rytr Latest News, Announcements and Feature Updates

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Table of contents

  1. Introducing Rytr Chat
  2. Join us at Semrush Global Marketing Day
  3. Master Your Ryting
  4. Let's Draw
  5. Taking your SEO game a notch higher
  6. Simplify Your Rytings With Our Dark Mode & Detailed Guides
  7. Continue Ryting, API for Everyone, Community & More
  8. Semrush, Creativity Levels & New Use Cases
  9. API launch, Custom use cases, Ryting profile, Stories of Solace and more
  10. Ryting profile, Stats, Solution guides, new use cases and more
  11. SEO features, new use cases, extension upgrade and more
  12. Browser extension, brand new website, new use-cases and more
  13. Plagiarism checker, team seats, resource center and more
  14. Long-form editor, new use cases, & doc-style workflow
  15. Public roadmap release 📃
  16. Affiliate program launch 🤝
  17. Rewards program is now live 🎁
  18. Announcing support for 10+ languages
  19. Unlimited plan launch
  20. Hello Sumo-lings, we are on AppSumo!
  21. Rytr goes live!

Introducing Rytr Chat 🔗

30 March 2023

A whole new way to Ryte ✨ 🔗

Bringing you the next generation of Ryting: Rytr Chat. Now, Rytrs can generate content in a whole new way. Simply click on the 'chat' tab when logged into your account, enter your command, then watch the magic happen. Check out more details on how to use Rytr Chat here. 

Rytr Chat allows you to be more creative than ever with the content you generate, so go wild - we can't wait to see what you come up with! 

A dedicated home to create images 🖼️ 🔗

You're loving creating images with our AI so much that we decided it deserved a new, dedicated area instead of being hidden in the tool bar. 

Now, when you log into your account and head to the 'Create' tab, you'll see the middle option underneath this says 'Image'. You can go here to enter your input and create all the images you like. You can still use the tool bar option to create images if you prefer, but you now also have a space dedicated solely to image creation. Remember to tag us on social in your best work! 

Join us at Semrush Global Marketing Day 🔗

Looking for sharp insights and up-to-the-minute trends to get your marketing game on point for 2023? You won't want to miss this one 🔥: Rytrs, join us at Global Marketing Day 2023 - for free!

Master Your Ryting 🔗

Master the basics of AI content writing  & super-charge your productivity with our live Rytr Masterclasses. You can learn more about them here EVENT: Sign up for the first Rytr 20-Minute Masterclass

Let's Draw 🔗

21 November 2022

Diversifying the prowess of our AI, you can now generate royalty-free/copyright-free images using your friendly AI assistant. We're super excited about this one and can't wait to see what creative images you generate — so make sure to tag us in your creations on social! Here's how to get started.

Taking your SEO game a notch higher 🔗

29 September 2022

Create Content that Ranks 👑 🔗

To make your Rytings more search engine friendly than before, we have come up with a little (but huge) present for our SEO tribe. Now you can get real-time SERP analysis as you write your blogs and articles. Rytr will automatically suggest keywords to help you optimize your content.

Keywords Generator 🧞‍♀️ 🔗

Taking your SEO game a notch higher, we are pleased to roll out our native keywords generator. This will help content marketing ninjas to generate ideas for related keywords and questions in no time. 

Finding More From Your Data 🔍 🔗

Here’s another warrior for your keywords search; our Keywords Extractor is here to have your back with your keyphrase/keyword searching quests.

Now Covering: Your Success Story 📩 🔗

Gone are days when you would look for your dream job alone as your friendly AI assistant is here to help you in Ryting the perfect cover letter for you. So what’s holding you back now? Start applying and keep Ryting ;)

Now Ryting, More Than Before ✒️ 🔗

You asked for it, we delivered it! Guess who can give & receive longer texts? You, you & YOU (that’s right, we don’t differentiate among our Rytr ;)...we've increased content generation limits across the board and also doubled the credits quota for our freemium plan users who can now generate up to 10k characters/month!

Ryting Improvements ⚙️ 🔗

We also quashed annoying bugs, scaled our infrastructure, and added more languages to further improve 💫  your Ryting experience!

Simplify Your Rytings With Our Dark Mode & Detailed Guides 🔗

6 July 2022

Here are some summer surprises for y'all.

Hello Darkness My New Friend 🔆 🔗

Here's something for all our night owls out there- dark mode. Now you can continue going on the longest Ryting sprees without hurting your eyes!

Master Your Email Ryting 📩 🔗

Do you also feel confused about how to draft those fancy professional emails/cold emails? We’re here to put a stop to all such doubts. Here’s something that would take care of most of your emailing sprees. Everything (and much more) You Need To Know About Writing Emails · Rytr

Let’s Get Bloggin’ 📝 🔗

This is your cue to grab (or buy a new) blogging hat. Your AI buddy is here to be your co-Rytr. Check out how you can make the most of our long-form writing experience. Your Go-To Guide to Writing Effective Blog Posts · Rytr

Making Your Captions ‘Catchy’ 📢 🔗

Struggling with putting the ‘Ryte’ captions to your beautiful pictures & videos? Let us help you come up with some engaging and creative ideas. Ryting The Perfect Instagram & Facebook Captions · Rytr

Continue Ryting, API for Everyone, Community & More 🔗

17 March 2022

I can feel my 1st birthday glow up and have something that will leave you smiling as well 

Continue Ryting ✍️ 🔗

All our bloggers and long-form enjoyers unite 🤝To make your long-form Ryting smoother & more comprehensive than ever before, we have come up with (yes, FINALLY) the Continue Ryting feature. Now you can Ryte all you want using your favoryte tool (pun intended) 

The best part? This feature is accessible under all plans as per your credit limits.

Readability Report Card📊 🔗

Now you can actually craft your copies pretty accurately and know if they would be easy (or hard) to read. How so? Glad you asked🙈- just select your desired text and find out the Readability Score to learn how your readers might perceive your writing. The higher the score, the easier your copy is to understand.  

Meet Your Ryting Tribe👥 🔗

We have looked at y’all as nothing less than a family and we’re overjoyed to present an upgraded Rytr Community experience — share your concerns, suggestions, appreciations, chit-chats, memes, and pretty much everything else around Ryting, all in one place and all under our brand 😎. And oh, stay tuned...we're planning some amazing community webinars and events.

PPS: Sorry for the cliche but ‘A family that Rytes together, stays together.'

API For Everyone🔥 🔗

 After the successful soft launch of our API with some of our partners, we’re now set to roll it out for everyone out there! You heard us right — now anyone can make the most of our API and integrate AI writing capabilities in their own apps & workflows. So go ahead, activate your API.

Semrush, Creativity Levels & New Use Cases 🔗

20 January 2022

We’re super stoked to share what all new and poppin’ we have in store for you this time.

Semrush🤝Rytr 🔗

We’re not sure about others, but 2022 definitely came in bearing gifts for all digital marketers out there. What would happen when two of the most loved marketing tools (globally) come together?

Now you can write better, SEO-friendly long-form content with highly targeted keywords in just a few clicks. Simply integrate your Semrush account, select your keywords and sit back to enjoy the magic of our AI.  

Controlled Creativity (Say What?!) 🧠 🔗

In our quest to give our Rytrs more control over their generated text, we came up with a solution that would help y’all in determining how you would like your outputs to flow (in terms of creativity).

 We have ‘max’ level (insert your favorite author level here) to ‘none’ i.e. no creativity (straight up from a school textbook level). Click here to discover more. 

An Idea Worth 💰💰💰 (New Use Case) 🎁 🔗

Grab your coffee mug and some snacks to keep you rolling, we have got a lot of work to do. Who would have even thought of AI suggesting you some amazing (and feasible) business ideas (actually, we did). We’re not sure of anything else but you should definitely check out and generate some business ideas with us.

End Your Naming Quest (New Use Case) 🎁 🔗

  Not sure what to name your future unicorn (hopefully) company/brand? Let your AI friend step in and come up with some cool & quirky suggestions. Our brand name use case would ensure that your venture(s) stands out with the coolest name(s).  

Copy-Creative-Call To ACTION! (New Use Case) 🎁 🔗

Done with a copy for your ad or landing page but not sure what CTA would make it truly stand out? Guess we will just make yet another super useful use case for the same.  Check out our CTA maker here!

API launch, Custom use cases, Ryting profile, Stories of Solace and more 🔗

15 December 2021

We can almost feel the sweet scent of the upcoming holiday season 🎁. But, before we both zone out, let us quickly share with you all the goods & the greats we have.

As we race towards 🏃🏼‍♀️ the million Rytrs mark (don’t mind our sweat, we have had an exceptionally busy Black Friday Party as well), we are happy to share that we would indeed be ending our 2021 with a BANG⚡!

Leading AI Writer 👑 🔗

We're honored to be mentioned as Winter 2022 Leader in the latest G2 rankings, grabbing top spots and highest satisfaction ratings across many categories.

Not just that, we’re happy (understatement) to announce that we have been crowned as ‘Deal of The Year’ by AppSumo — sending a little extra love for all our sumo-lings with this mail 🥰.

Fun fact: Almost every second AI writing app user is a Rytr, let that sink in!

API is Now Live 👩‍💻  🔗

Our long-awaited API has finally arrived! Currently, it's an 'invite-only' procedure where we'll be reaching out to our early applicants after evaluating their intended use cases and Ryting needs — watch out for an email with the next steps.

If you haven't already, please register yourself for the same at Rytr API access.

Custom Use Case ⚙️ 🔗

52394 use case requests & 2341 cups of coffee later, we came up with one sword (use case) to rule them all — Custom Use Case! That’s right, now you can create/design your own use cases by giving training data to our AI. It’s like coding but without actual codes, so cool ;)

Learn how to ‘custom’ize your use case here.


Ryting Profile 🖊️ 🔗

Our (almost) latest feature (platform, actually) is going and taking our Rytrs to places already. With thousands of live profiles, some of our Ryting pros have already started onboarding clients and making 💰. So what are you waiting for? Go set up your profile TODAY and connect with like-minded clients or writers.

Quality of Life Enhancements 😎 🔗

Rytrs can now make their account as good as ‘new’ with just one click. Tap here to find out how.

We also made a lot of improvements to our browser extension — if you haven't already, please install and take your writing assistant with you around the web. 🌐

Rytr-On: Stories of Solace 🔗

We rolled out our premier Ryting contest “Stories of Solace'' sometime back and were flooded with stories. Check out the winning entries here:

Love and Other Habits by Johannes Braun

The Peculiar Pyramid by Stuart Conover

Batgirl Saves The Day by Anshul Jain

And last but not the least ☃️🎅🎁 🔗

Warm-up with a cup of joe, bake some cookies or roast some marshmallows while you're dreaming of white Christmases. Rest up for the holidays and don't forget to get back to your Ryting sprees.

Let's wrap up this year with a toast of peace, love, and happiness.

Team Rytr wishes you joyful holidays and a blessed New Year 🎉

That's all, for now! But, as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hold back, we'd love to hear from you to make your Ryting experience even better.

Ryting profile, Stats, Solution guides, new use cases and more 🔗

13 October 2021

Who is super pumped up for the coming festive 💃🏼 season? WE ARE!

To kick off the festivities in our own little way, we’re *deep breathes* superrrrr stoked to announce that our family of Rytrs has crossed the 100,000 mark! We feel deeply admired and humbled by all the love and ever pouring reviews around us.❤️

Without any further ado, let’s see what all got cookin’ 🍽️ at Rytr’s cafe:

⭐️ Flaunt your Ryting profile 🔗

Ryting profile is a way to show your amazing content and copywriting portfolio to the world! It will help you build your brand, showcase your best work and get more earning opportunities - the best Rytrs will be handpicked to work directly with potential clients.

It is an optional feature for those Rytrs who wish to showcase their work and connect with like-minded writers or clients. Learn more →

💬 Re-defining the good old notifications 🔗

Before instant messaging apps came into the picture, our phones used to get flooded with all sorts of SMSes — marketing, sales, and whatnot. With time, they did evolve as notifications that swarm our devices every now and then. Even today, these super-restricted texts never fail to communicate through. Our new SMS & Notifications use case can help generate these crispy texts.

📢 Early Halloween treat for marketers 🔗

Nobody can underestimate the power of Google search ads and here we are to ease them up for our Rytrs. Now you can create catchy headlines and copies with our dedicated use case for Google ads.

📊 Check your productivity & creativity 🔗

Rytr is all about saving you time n money, correct? But...hear us out — what if instead of just making plain statements, we ACTUALLY put a number to everything? Introducing detailed stats, your go-to digits to quantify (approximately) all the ⏱ and $$ you might have saved so far!

Not only this, but you can also check out your top operations/commands. Just head to Account > Stats to find all your numbers neatly piled up.

🦮 Guide me good 🔗

Some wise man/woman once said “there will always be a solution to everything” and boy were they right. We truly believe that Rytr is a gift that keeps giving but at the same time, some new Rytrs may have reservations on what to use the tool for.

Now everyone can keep these worries aside as we have come up with elegant solutions guides that will help our Rytrs to make the most out of the tool in the least amount of time.

...gulps water 🥛

Hold up, we do have some more piping hot updates in store:

  • Append as you like, head to account-settings-append and you can set the position where would you like the AI to Ryte for you
  • We have fixed a couple of bugs because that’s what we do (after creating an amazing tool, of course)
  • Improved output quality to provide super-ryting experience.

🚨 Competition ALERT 🔗

To celebrate our happy 6 months, we bring you our first-ever event of Rytr-on: Stories of Solace. Use our AI and a bit of your sass to create intriguing stories and mail them to kriti@rytr.me — and yes, the best ones would get exciting treats ;) As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hold back, we'd love to hear from you to make your Ryting experience even better.

SEO features, new use cases, extension upgrade and more 🔗

9 September 2021

Hope you’re keeping safe and staying hydrated. 🥤

The last 5 months have been nothing less than a roller coaster ride for us at Rytr. We are now a family of more than 70,000 Rytrs globally — that’s literally more than double what we had in the last update. 🔥

We can’t thank our Ryting Ninjas enough for keeping their faith in us and for sharing amazing reviews all around; we've been again recognized as Fall 2021 leader 👑 by G2 in the AI Writing Assistant category!

With the number of Rytrs going up exponentially, we have pulled up our socks further (they might just become stockings in some time) to get rolling with more features and even higher-quality outputs.

Let’s take y’all through some of the major releases/highlights of August. 

This time we playin’ piano instead of drumrolls (cause why not!)


🎯 Native SEO Support 🔗

One of the most AWAITED features is finally here! Now you can Ryte keyword-optimized blogs and articles in no time.

Using just a keyword, now you can generate high-quality content briefs and then instantly write optimized content to attract all the eyeballs it deserves.

It's all done natively for now but you can always beef up suggested keywords through tools you might be using already (such as SEMRush or Ahrefs). 

We'll keep improving the long-form SEO-friendly experience over time but hope you like our initial stab at this. 

❓Time For Some Q/A 🔗

Gone are the days when one would struggle to come up with words to share their knowledge. Need to come up with questions & answers for Quora, company knowledge base, and more? Try out Rytr's AI Q&A generator.

💬 The Wingman For Your Reviews and Texts 🔗

Let AI write engaging & thoughtful responses to customer reviews, private messages, professional emails, testimonials & more — check out the new Message & Review responder.

🌐 Extend-ed Features of Our Chrome Extension 🔗

Now you can also generate copies for various use-cases (Blog, Email, Social media & more) via our extension on your favorite platforms directly. Long story short—now you can carry your Ryting pad anywhere across the web (except for a few places like google docs, for now).

⭐️️ Mark your favorites 🔗

As another step towards making your documents and workflow sorted, we have recently added a feature that allows you to mark your important documents for easy access. No more scrolling marathons, phew! 

Browser extension, brand new website, new use-cases and more 🔗

4 August 2021

We hope you're having a great summer — staying cool ❄️ in the warm weather and taking some much-deserved time off 🏝 with family & friends!

We couldn't ask for a better (but wayyy busier than usual) period here at Rytr.

G2 crowned 👑 us as the Summer 2021 market leader, and we're now serving more than 30,000 customers globally. We have come a long way in just four months — thanks to all of you for joining us on this dream ride. 🚀

The team has been working hard to deliver the best possible experience on all fronts while managing this rapid growth. Here are some of the exciting things we've shipped since the last update 👇

✍️ Browser extension 🔗

We finally released one of the most-awaited features! With the chrome browser extension, you can easily create a stunning copy anywhere on the web — whether you're working on an email, social post, or blog. Follow the steps here to download and get started.

Note: this is still in Beta, so we expect a few compatibility issues with some websites/apps - please reach out to us if you face any problems. Apologies in advance as we iron out any kinks in the experience.

🌐 Brand new website 🔗

We're excited to introduce you to our newly designed website! We've made it easier than ever to find the information you need and learn more about the breadth & depth of our platform features.

📂 Move files & folders 🔗

Workflow management has always been a core part of our experience, and we want to keep making it more seamless for our Rytrs. We have now added a feature that allows you to move around documents & folders easily.

🎁 Use cases & content types 🔗

We introduced brand new use cases mainly around copywriting frameworks and creative writing - AIDA, PAS, Story Plot, Song Lyrics, Content Improver - and made further enhancements to improve the quality of the existing ones.

🌏 New languages & tones 🔗

To support our growing international customer base, we also introduced ~10 new languages (Rytr now has support for ~30 languages). We also added two new tones: Critical & Informative.

Phew...a lot to go through here, but we hope you enjoy these updates. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hold back, we'd love to hear from you to make your Ryting experience even better.

Plagiarism checker, team seats, resource center and more 🔗

18 June 2021

As the summer ☀️ gets into full swing, we hope you're enjoying the weather with some customary 🍹& ✍.

It's been a fairly busy start to the summer for us; welcoming thousands of new Rytrs to the family and shipping tons of exciting features & updates.

🔎 Plagiarism checker 🔗

As promised in the last update, we have now added a native plagiarism checker to help you check the authenticity of the content. This is powered by none other than Copyscape, the industry standard.

👥 Team seats & billing 🔗

If you're an agency or business, you can now create company accounts to easily invite and manage your team members and their billing from one place. More details here.

🎁 Use cases & output optimizations 🔗

We introduced a couple of brand new use cases - Website & Landing page copies & e-commerce style Product description bullets - and also optimized the output based on copywriting formulas (AIDA, PAS, etc.) so you can count on the Ryting quality, always!

📜 Resource center 🔗

Find answers to all your burning questions in our resource center with detailed explanations and illustrations to help you get the most out of the tool.

💬 Chat support 🔗

Conversations are at the heart of any awesome experience and Ryting is no different. We introduced chat support to take your experience to the next level by not only resolving your issues faster but also helping you Ryte ✍️ better.

➕ Download, History & more 🔗

In addition to the above, we have made a lot of enhancements for better Ryting experience -- added option to download a document in .html or .docx format, introduced a new History tab to view all your previous generations with an option to report on output quality, showing pre-formatted outputs for various use cases, squashed some annoying bugs, improved site speed and much much more! 

Long-form editor, new use cases, & doc-style workflow 🔗

6 May 2021

We're super excited to announce the launch of some new powerful features that will take your Ryting to the next level.

Free flow, long-form editor 🔗

Generate and edit content in one place. This makes it easier to write long-form content such as blog posts, essays, articles, and more. 

4 new use cases 🔗

To make your editing even better, we've added four new use cases - text completer, rephrase, summarizer, and expander. 

Doc-style management 🔗

Manage and organize your content seamlessly through documents. 

Control over generations 🔗

Control how many variations you need to generate each time to better manage your credit consumption.

See our community post for more details.

Public roadmap release 📃 🔗

30 Apr 2021 🔗

We started working on Rytr - AI writer in Mar 2021 and have shipped tons of exciting updates since then! We're currently a small team but working extremely hard to deliver the best possible experience for our ❤️ Rytrs!

We want to be as transparent as possible with our community to help you plan for your future and to keep us accountable.

So please bear with us while we make Ryting awesome for you. Thanks for your understanding! 🙏

Feel free to share your feedback and suggest features & improvements by commenting here.

Affiliate program launch 🤝 🔗

21 Apr 2021 🔗

We're excited to announce Rytr's official affiliate program!

Are you a blogger, influencer, or marketer with an existing audience? Now, you have more reasons to love Rytr. Just refer your friends, followers, and customers to earn 20% in recurring commissions for lifetime!

Just head over to your account and you'll see a new Affiliate section there with details. 

Rewards program is now live 🎁 🔗

19 Apr 2021 🔗

Another day, another awesome update at Rytr!

We just released our official reward program to help our beloved Rytrs earn free credits by spreading a word about us on social media and other trusted 3rd party review sites. 

You can bump up your monthly credits by 9,000 through this program! 

All you have to do is share a quick post about Rytr on the channels of your choice! And to make it ridiculously easy for you, we've created a special review generator to save you time and pain.

So what are you waiting for? Just head over to the Rewards section of the app and start earning your credits right away!

Announcing support for 10+ languages 🔗

18 Apr 2021 🔗

We're super excited to let you know that we have just launched support for 10+ languages! Now you can Ryte in any of your favorite languages:

🇺🇸 English 🇨🇳 Chinese 🇳🇱 Dutch 🇫🇷 French 

🇩🇪 German 🇬🇷 Greek 🇮🇹 Italian 🇯🇵 Japanese 

🇰🇷 Korean 🇵🇱 Polish 🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇷🇺 Russian 

🇪🇸 Spanish and more...

Unlike other similar tools, we have a proprietary approach for supporting multiple languages that are not dependent on GPT3 limitations, allowing us to deliver a much better quality of output. 

Please do let us know what you think of this exciting update.

We're constantly adding new features and improvements that will make Ryting even better for you, stay tuned!

Unlimited plan launch 🔗

14 Apr 2021 🔗

You asked we delivered! ⚡️

The team has been working hard to release the most requested feature that almost everyone here has been waiting for...Presenting Rytr UNLIMITED 🎉 - now generate as much content as you want without any character/credit restrictions.

It's early days for us and we're trying to figure out how to provide as much value as possible to our customers, so please bear and work with us as we try to make things work for you! 🙏

Hello Sumo-lings, we are on AppSumo! 🔗

13 Apr 2021 🔗

Head to AppSumo and buy yourself a lifetime deal: https://appsumo.com/marketplace-rytr

Rytr goes live! 🔗

3 Apr 2021 🔗

We are proud to share Rytr - an AI writer that allows you to write quality copies instantly⚡️. It is an ideal tool for anyone who's looking for creative, original content within budget and in no time!