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Quite a no-brainer, the internet has made the world smaller and significantly shot up your need to make a catchy website. With our landing & website copies use case, one create appealing content that would make users/visitors scrolling for more.

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Landing Page & Website CopiesLanding Page & Website Copies

Write sections of website based on its features

Meera Beauty
Meera Beauty sells handmade beauty products like soaps, shampoos online
-Online store for handmade soaps, shampoos, body butter, hair oils and lip products. - All the products are free from toxins. -We use natural ingredients only. -All products are made fresh after receiving orders. -We ship worldwide

Welcome to Meera Beauty

We are Meera Beauty, an online store selling handmade beauty products. We sell soaps, shampoos, body butter, hair oils and lip products. All our products are handmade with natural ingredients so you can feel safe using them.

Features section:

-Handmade beauty

All of our products are made by hand in small batches, which means you get the freshest product available with no need for added preservatives. We use natural ingredients only and never any toxins!

-No more harmful chemicals

All of the ingredients in our product don't contain any of the following chemicals: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, nitrates, synthetic fragrance or colorants. Every product is also cruelty-free - we never test on animals!

-Fast shipping worldwide

We ship anywhere in the world within 3 working days after receiving your order. And we offer free shipping for orders over $50!

Cold Mailing Done Right

Skip the spam and talk to the point with the sharpness of our AI-generated mails. Don't let your potential users/customers slog through lengthy and monotonous mails and let Rytr hit the right nerves.

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Turn a few key points into a ready to send email

Welcome to Meera Beauty. We're excited to launch our new range of handmade soaps, shampoos and skincare products. We also have amazing early bird discounts. Reply 'yes' to learn more about our products.
Subject: Meera Beauty Launch Hi {recipient name}, We're excited to launch our new range of handmade soaps, shampoos and skincare products. We also have amazing early bird discounts. Reply 'yes' to learn more about our products. Also, don't forget to check out our new range of perfume oils coming soon! Thanks for reading, Meera ⏤ Subject: Welcome to Meera Beauty Hi {recipient name}, We're excited to announce the launch of our new range of handmade soaps, shampoos and skincare products! We also have great early bird discounts so be sure to reply 'yes' for more information about our products. P.S. The first 10 people to reply will get a free product on us! Love, Meera

Let's Get Optimizing

Search Engine Optimization lets you beat the crowd and works wonders in bringing organic traffic to your (virtual) doorstep. Meta description, meta title and keyword incorporated blogs are absolute necessities that work as a magical potion in getting your website all the visibility it deserves.

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SEO Meta DescriptionSEO Meta Description

Generate SEO-friendly meta description for the page

Meera Beauty- Cruelty free natural skincare products at great prices.
Meera Beauty offers natural organic skin care for face and body. Our products are cruelty free, vegan, and made from plant-based ingredients. Shop today to find your perfect skincare routine. ⏤ Cruelty free skincare and beauty products. Meera Beauty provides natural and organic products with a cruelty-free guarantee.

Bangin' Headlines n Captions

We don't judge a book by its cover but there is surely something about judging a piece of content by its headline. Are we right or are we right? With Rytr, you can enjoy the beauty of effortlessly written headlines/taglines within seconds.

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Post & Caption IdeasPost & Caption Ideas

Generate ideas & intro text for your social media posts

Meera Beauty brings you affordable organic handmade and cruelty free soaps, oil, lip care
💜 Lather up with Meera. 💜 The feeling of clean and pure skin is one of life's most satisfying. When you know the ingredients in your soaps and other beauty products are purified of any harmful chemicals, you can live a beautiful life with peace of mind.⁣⁣ So get beautiful from the inside out with more affordable handmade organic products from Meera ⏤ We’ve got you covered for every moment in your life because no one deserves to go un-beautiful Everyone has busy days filled with work, school, and family obligations. And these responsibilities don’t just take up the time when you're awake, but when you're asleep too.⁣⁣ We carefully handcraft our products to be soothing, healing, and moisturizing to the skin ⏤ You deserve to feel special. You deserve smooth skin. Treat your skin right with these organic handmade soaps in wide range of fragrances. Organic handmade soap in 16 fragrances is the perfect gift for that special someone, or the perfect accompaniment to your blissful baths. You deserve love, and you deserve amazing skin quality! That’s what you get when you pamper your pores with.

The Pitch-Er

Now that you have sufficient content with you to get going, it seems like the best (or one of the best) time to put your nervous yet determined foot forward and go out on a pitching spree.

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Business Idea PitchBusiness Idea Pitch

Write a short pitch based on your product or business idea

Meera Beauty makes organic handmade and cruelty free beauty products like soaps, shampoos, oils and other skincare products.
If you are looking for cruelty free beauty products, look no further. Meera Beauty is a completely handcrafted brand with handpicked ingredients and pure essential oils.

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